Frontwave Systems Ltd.

Cybernetics is the science of communication and control theory for automatic systems.

Our company specializes in Technical Services & Equipment for Process Machine Automation; capable of fully automating or supplying machines, equipment and heat exchange solutions.

We have extensive experience in control systems for Food Production, CIP, Breweries, Bottling/Packaging, Factory KPI, Hydroponics, Solar, Reverse-Osmosis, Marine, Green-Technologies, Anaerobic-Digestion, Nutrient-recovery, Hydrogen-Technologies, Pumping, Plastics, Robotics, Servo Pick & Place, Aquaculture, Plywood/Lumber.

Cybernetics has well equipped control, network and drive systems experts; we also have (certified) Electricians, a Heat exchange expert, and full (certified) plumbing/gas fitting capabilities - under one roof.

Our facilities are in Langley(Port Kells) BC including a full shop, several service equipped vehicles, and a semi-portable container shop for larger field projects.

Automation* Drives * SCADA * KPI * Networks * Sensors * Servo * Vision * Electrical * Machining * Fabrication * Custom Machinery * Remote Monitoring * Cellular/Satellite connections * Heat Exchange * Stainless Equipment *

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